Scario is a picturesque maritime village, lying on the shore below the slants of Mount Bulgheria. Well - known as a summer resort and provided with one of the most harbours of the region, Scario presents with many charming attractions, like its lovely promenade and the astonishing Masseta coast. 
The extraordinary and uncontaminated Masseta Coast stretches out from Garigliano Point, just west of Scario, to Infreschi Point. Here the rocks of Mount Bulgheria plunge into the sea, creating one of the finest submarine paradises in the Mediterranean area, rich in diverse marine species, elsewhere long disappeared. 
Along the coast, for ages past, intense karst phenomena dug mysterious caves, already inhabited in the remote Palaeolithic period. The Grotta Grande (Big Grotto) and the Riparo del Molare (Millstone Shelter), where conspicuous pre - historical deposits have been found, are among the most important among them. 
Founded by the Greeks as its name itself witnesses (skariōs is Greek for "little shipyard"), it was the seat of a Roamn colony since 197 b.C. At that time Scario (where Marcus Tullius Cicero lodged in the summer of 44 b.C.) was renowned for fishing and for the production of garum, the exquisite fish sauce that was very palatable for the Romans. 
One of the most irresistible local products is certainly the popular 'limoncello', a liqueur made from the unique lemons grown along the Amalfi Coast. But you'll also be tempted by our fennel liqueur, our laurel and mandarin liqueurs, not to mention the exquisite 'babā al limoncello' (limoncello flavoured cakes) which are all produced by Shaker.

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