Ancient town near the gulf of Salerno, Vietri was founded from the Etruschi. Picturesque seaside resort, located at the beginning of Amalfi Coast, well known for the artistic and coating ceramic industry. The high part of the city territory allows a quiet stay and pleasant walks. 
Important monuments are: the Church of S. Giovanni Battista, with late-Renaissance fašade, dome tiled with maiolica, Crestarella Tower, ancient defence tower against Saracin attacks, now transformed into villa.Ceramic Museum: it is located in the Villa Guariglia tower in Raito; it includes documentation about ceramic production from XVII century to the "german period".

One of the most irresistible local products is certainly the popular 'limoncello', a liqueur made from the unique lemons grown along the Amalfi Coast. But you'll also be tempted by our fennel liqueur, our laurel and mandarin liqueurs, not to mention the exquisite 'babÓ al limoncello' (limoncello flavoured cakes) which are all produced by Shaker.

Recommended hotels : Lloyd's Baia Hotel