The secret that lies in the fresh and delicate taste of this Fennel Liqueur "Finocchietto" can be found in the use of wilde fennel, gathered in the mounths of August and September. A slow infusion of fennel flowers in alcohol enables to extract the Fennel Liqueur's essence. The infusion obatained is mixed with a sugary solution, without adding colours, preservatives or natural aromas, thus giving the product a unique fragrance. This liqueur is excellent served cold as a digestive liqueur after meals.

Villa Divina boasts wilde fennel plants which are used to make a prized quality 'Fennel Liqueur', Shaker, which guests may taste and purchase on the premises. Why not take home a reminder of that unforgettable sunshine from the Amalfi Coast!

In order to obtain healthy foods and of quality, Villa Divina developed biological agriculture that pursues "clean" an agricultural and fruit- production, in perfect harmony with the nature, excludes the use of the chemical products of synthesis (fertilizers, antibiotics, etc.), to produce fruit that conserve all their natural property. Bandit therefore insecticide, fungicides of chemical origin, the increase of the plants comes supported from uses of organic products.