After a dinner based on fish, the tradition of the Campania region, which has now spread also to the other Italian regions, demands Limoncello after neapolitan coffee, instead of the usual liqueur. "Limoncello",Shaker, the traditional liqueur distilled from lemon peel, comes from the Amalfi Coast. Still today families in the Campania region, in addition to the traditional home-made tomato sauce based on "granny's recipe", also make their own "limoncello".
Typical product of this Region, the Limoncello is a natural liqueur with excellent properties, with an unique taste, scented, produced according to the most ancient recipe. It is an easy and simple composition, without the addition of colouring agents, stabilizing agents, additives or preserving agents, all this emphasizes the originality and the purity of the product, just like a long time ago.
The peculiar micro climate of the places of the Campania coast helps the growth of a lemon unique in its sort, of large pieces, with thick and very much scented peel and with superior properties. For ages, from this kind of lemon, the famous liqueur called 'limoncello' is extracted. It is obtained by soaking the peels of lemons cultivated and picked only to produce it.

The Limoncello must be served at room temperature or cold, like a digestive or an aperitif. An iced liqueur glass is an unbeatable digestive. It becomes a pleasent thirst-quenching drink when tonic water is added. It is excellent in champagne or in prosecco to prepare long-drinks. it is very pleasent on ice cream, on fruit-salad an on strawberries. We advice to put the bottle in the freezer, so to enjoy the Limoncello at the best.