The main house, “O’ CAMMARIELLO”

Legend has it that it was a monk, a hermit really, who built this house on a rocky spur during the Middle Ages.
Around the XVII century though, the house became a private residence with the addition of areas for stabling animals and an extra room.
The estate, immersed in olive and lemon groves, then grew little by little over the next two hundred years.
In front of the house, there is a hanging garden over the Vietri Marina. Over the stone entranceway, a stunning Bougainvillea spills blooms to frame the archway along with wisteria, cacti and, of course, grapevines.
The brilliant white of the walls is interrupted at intervals by cracks and barrel vaults in volcanic stone.
Nails and hooks used by previous occupants of the estate have been purposely left in the walls, exactly as they were.


ADriven by the wish to contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of this fascinating area alongside its ancient traditions, part of the estate is dedicated to growing the prized “Sfusato Amalfitano” lemon, which is covered by Protected Geographical Indications.
These lemons have played a key role in making the Amalfi Coast the earthly paradise that it is today. A combination of the Divine and the human, the earth and the skies, have come together in perfect harmony in this area.
The lemon gardens provide colour, scents and sensations which have always been an inspiration to poets, painters, musicians and travellers alike. Fertile and seemingly enchanted, these places are an ode to the miracle of life in that the lemon, above all other plants, expresses eternal rebirth. Its branches hold all phases of the life cycle at the same time, making it a botanical miracle, always renewing itself and being reborn, an almost magical entity.

The entire harvest is provided to the Pallini family for the production of the typical liqueur of the Amalfi Coast: Limoncello.

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A long and difficult labour of love has given new life to our vineyard, a plot of one and a half hectares on the gentle slopes of Benincasa.
Today the vineyard is managed by wine producer MARISA CUOMO, owned by Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo. They have chosen to distinguish themselves in the Italian oenological landscape by focusing on quality and on exalting the unique flavours of their wines, as extraordinary as the coast around their base in Furore itself.

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